Its ordered!

Saturday I took a trip down to Factory Five. It was the third time I was there, first having been for a tour a year ago and again at the open house last summer. Even though I’d done a tour before, my girlfriend and I, as well as her father, did another one. Its really an impressive place, worth a walk through when in the area.

The kit is ordered! I don’t actually remember all the details of what I ordered — the paperwork should be here later this week and I’ll post what it was. Its basically the roadster kit with IRS, the convenience sale package and associated other minor bits and pieces.

Today I got the call — the car will be ready on the 31st! Thats actually quite a bit stressful because I need to clean and organize the garage, as well as build a body buck. Turns out my parents are in town that weekend, which will be cool. They’ll get to see the place.

I’m still working out the plan for everything else. I spent a bunch of time on the phone this evening with Mike Forte from Fortes Parts. I’ve got at least a partial list of what I want to order put together, but I need to get the quote list from him to get the order in.

So thats where I am right now. Exciting!