I just need a buck

A body buck, that is.

Part planning is coming along, but a final list of parts I need is still waiting because Mike Forte from Fortes Parts has been slow getting back to me. Its a small shop, and I know how running a small business is. I’ll be calling him tomorrow.

Until then, my highest priority is building a body buck.

What is a body buck? Its basically a frame to hold the fiberglass body of the car while I’m building the chassis.  We’re talking basically something like this:

In fact, thats hopefully what mine will look like when its done. Factory Five gives plans for making one that is right on the ground. And while I do have a lot of garage space, this seemed like an ideal design because I can put parts under it. I’ll probably add some extra shelves to it, as I don’t need the “building everything in a one car garage” design like the picture shows.

By the way, that picture was lifted from FFCobra.com in their FAQ section in this posting. Unfortunately while there’s a lot of good information in there, its poorly organized, old and a lot of links are broken. This entry was excellent, though.

On an unrelated note, I’m approaching the “ten-day-before-pickup” point with my kit. I really have to remember to call Factory Five and add the lower control arms to the order. I was debating doing the dash without cutouts, but I’m going to stick to the traditional layout for now…