Almost done with the buck.

I spent quite a while last night working on the buck. They say it should take 2-3 hours for two people… I’ve been doing it by myself, so its taking a bit longer. I’ve modified the design a bit, partly because the plans I linked to before weren’t all that detailed. They mentioned shelves but never described where they went, for example. I also raised it about two inches.

I’ll probably finish it this weekend. Its gotten a bit unwieldy in the garage and it’ll be a lot easier to flip it over if I can put it up on dollies and roll it outside.

On other notes, I started getting the first trickle of parts and created a spreadsheet to track what was ordered, what it cost, when it was ordered and when I received it.

Still no reply from Fortes. I’m annoyed now. Don’t publish an e-mail address if you aren’t going to give reasonable customer support with it. Its been a full week now.

I really have to call Factory Five today and firm up the order, as well. Hopefully I can do that at lunch.


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