Minor Change to the Live Camera

I made a small change this morning to the code I wrote that is producing the live camera image. There have been times lately that there have been a dozen or more people watching the camera at a given time, and at a peak I’ve had several times more than that. Previously the code on replicabuilding.com would pull an image from my garage once per user, which was both inefficient and was slowing things down for everyone during those times.

This morning I updated the software so it only will pull a image from the garage once every ten seconds no matter how many users are watching. This should mean two things — first response should be much faster if more than one person is watching and second you may note the timestamp in the image may be up to ten seconds behind. Hitting refresh on the image will not update it any faster than once per ten seconds.

This should make both my web server, my network here and the viewers happier.