A Brief Update

I haven’t gotten any more work done so far this week, and I likely won’t get much more work done in the next week. I’m planning on working all day on the 13th on the car to get some more work done since the 14th is the Factory Five open house, and I won’t get to work on it that day either.

I pulled all the non-attached sheet metal off the car Monday as I was originally planning on getting it to the powder coater this week, so I’d have it back by the 13th. Once the return fuel line and the rear wiring is in, I’m ready to get the rear end sheet metal riveted in place.

I decided, though, to wait until the 13th or perhaps the following week to drop the metal off. Some of it isn’t drilled for rivets yet, and without any holes to hang them from it would be harder for the panels to be powdercoated. I think I’m going to focus on really finishing the sheet metal next week. The only remaining bits are the cockpit pieces, the elephant ears and the cover for the glove box. I really need to cleco all the parts back in, fit the corners of the cockpit, fit the glovebox lid and THEN get them powdercoated. Most of that will be covered with carpet, but the sides facing out from the car I’d like to have protected.

I’m still waiting for the Boss EFI setup to show up. Unfortunately the vendor I bought them from has gone silent and isn’t returning e-mails. I’ll be issuing a chargeback on the transaction if I don’t hear anything by the end of next week. That will be disappointing, as it shows the lack of professionalism among vendors in the Factory Five space, and could delay another month or six weeks getting the intake, but the vendor is already violating his merchant account policies, and I can’t risk going over 90 days and being unable to issue a chargeback.

Its annoying.