A Spring Day

Its been a bit lousy on the weather front for the last week, but today ended up being a gorgeous mid-70’s spring day, and it was time to see how the work I did last weekend on the “leak” worked. I didn’t do a particularly long drive, only about 25 miles, but it was a great day to take the car out for a spin.

The short-short of it: the leak appears to be fixed. The raised ride height also really helped with the tire rubbing — the poorly paved New Hampshire roads weren’t causing the car to scrub tire going over every bump.

After getting back I let the car cool for a couple hours, and then went over it again, still not finding any leaks. I’m going to try to take it for a longer drive, maybe out to the shore, tomorrow. Now that I don’t have to worry about making a giant mess of things, driving it is a joy.

After going over the car again, I pulled it back out of the garage and shot some better photos of the car outside of the garage. I don’t expect I’ll do much more other than fix the center console, and figure out something I can stuff along the gaps in the cockpit to keep the hot air out, before the Open House in a month.

Along with the photos, I shot three short videos but YouTube is taking its merry time converting them. I’ll post a second update when the videos are online.

A few photos:

item 6589

item 6593

item 6596

item 6599

item 6602

item 6608

item 6611

Cockpit is coming together.

item 6617

217+ miles!

item 6623

Engine bay is coming together, as well.