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A Christmas Update

Yes, I know. Its been almost two months since I posted any updates.

Well, I haven’t done much on the car. Dealing with the bathroom took a few weeks (and really still isn’t finished). I’ve been busy with Christmas-related stuff most of December. Partway through the month I decided to start working on the car, at least as best I could, but we’ve gotten three feet of snow in the last three weeks and I need to be able to roll the car out of the garage to move the buck back where it originally was.

We’re finally getting some melting, so I’m hoping to be able to move things around next week. If not, the next thing I’ll be doing is pulling off the sheetmetal and painting it in the garage. I’ve got room to do that at the moment and it seems a good use of time right now.

More updates soon!

Finishing the Front Suspension

Its been a while since I’ve had much time to work on the car. My parents visited last weekend, and I was out of town in Seattle most of the week. I did finally get some time to work on the car yesterday and today.

The goal had originally been to get the brake lines finished up front and rear, but I decided to focus on getting the front of the car buttoned up instead. For a description and photos what I did, read the rest of this post.

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More Wheels and Brakes

Its been a busy few days so I haven’t had much time since getting the tires mounted to work on the car. I did take a few minutes last night to double check that (finally) the in-dash brake lines I’ve bought are the right length now, and I tossed (in a “wow this wheel and tire is really freakin’ heavy” kind of way) one of the rear wheels on the car to see how it fit.

My parents are visiting this weekend, so I’m guessing it’ll be the following weekend before I have more time to work on the car. By then my 37 degree flaring tool should be here and I can hopefully finish the brakes.  Read the rest of this post to see photos of the brake lines and the wheel on the car.

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