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The Sheetmetal Never Ends

So I didn’t have much time today to work on the car, but did get to spend a bit of time working on the sheet metal.

I got Box 6A unpacked — the sheet metal that did not come bolted to the car. Some of the remaining cockpit sheet metal got rough fitted, but nothing was drilled or clecoed. It turned out I had to find some photos online of the arrangement of the panels, because I was just not figuring it out.

The trunk storage boxes got fitted, drilled and the trunk floor was cut out to fit over them. I’m still not happy with the quality, and they just don’t fit the spaces right, but I think it’ll be workable. When covered with carpet, I doubt it’ll even be noticeable.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day doing non-car stuff, but I hope to get the foot boxes drilled entirely, so we can get the engine-bay facing panels painted.

I’ll get photos tomorrow.

Prepping Trunk Sheet Metal

I’ve been bad this last week in updating the site with posts about what we’ve been working on. I’ve been uploading photos each day we’ve worked, but actually posting about it has been slow to happen. Because we’ve not got a lot of the parts we need to start really building the car, we’ve been focusing on positioning and drilling all the sheet metal. Nothing has been permanently installed yet, but when it comes time to it’ll be much faster.

We’ve mostly finished the trunk. Read this entire post to see details of that work.

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Removing the Body

Body removal was my first step after getting the car home. From a practical standpoint, I needed to get the body on the buck so I could get the buck positioned where I wanted it in the garage for the build process in order to start organizing parts storage under it. Without parts being organized, there was no way I could build.

It was also handy that my parents were still around so I’d have a few extra sets of hands for doing it. It seems most of the build can be pretty easily done with one or two people, but a few things just look a lot harder and a lot riskier without more help.

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Pickup Day!

Yesterday was pick-up day! It was a long, and exhausting but the kit is in the garage, and its time to start organizing and getting ready to start building the car! My parents happen to be in town this weekend, which was nice because they could come down and visit Factory Five and see the car kit, as well. 160 pictures were taken, a few of them I uploaded.

For a more detailed description of the day, read more of this posting, or you can go into the photos section to see more of the pictures. Continue reading Pickup Day!