April 18-19, 2008

This weekend hasn’t been terribly productive from the standpoint of getting work done on the Cobra. My parents have been in town and that has been most of my focus. However, during some free moments, I’ve gotten some small bits of work done on the car.

I’d ordered some more parts from Breeze Automotive this week and most of them showed up on Friday. This morning I installed a fuel filter bracket, adjusted some running of the fuel lines, and some other miscellaneous bits. Jen also came over and helped me bend the larger fuel line.

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Because the hydraulic reservoirs have finally been mounted, I figured I should get the lines run. Last year I’d started this process, but got slowed down by not having them mounted, and I’ve been unable to find a 90 degree fitting to go from the tanks to the hoses. I decided today to just buy 90 degree female fittings and a coupler and use the barbed fittings I had.

This actually worked out well.

item 1913

I also got the plastic fittings onto the master cylinders. All that is left is to run the lines, but I’m undecided how I’m going to route them.

item 1909

While in that part of the car, I also re-installed the steering column, as it had been just hanging loose since I’d put the footboxes together.

item 1916

item 1919

The fuel filter bracket went in easily, once I’d dug out the air riveter. I nearly gave myself a hernia before I realized Breeze had sent 3/16″ stainless steel rivets.

item 1922

item 1925

Finally, I also got some of the fuel line bent, but not even clecoed into the car because I can’t find the clamps for it. I also rented a double flare tool to flare the end of the line with, but got a metric not SAE. Oops. I’ll swap it tomorrow.

item 1928