Some More Minor Build Updates

Yes, its been a while since I posted an update. I was away on business for a week and a half and didn’t get a lot done during that time. However, I have gotten some minor things done.

Last Friday I spent a good part of the morning getting all of the sheet metal positioned and drilled in the car, including the nose pieces and the cockpit pieces. Friday afternoon I dropped 25 some-odd pieces of sheet metal off at the powder coater, and should have them back next week. Friday afternoon I got the gauges ordered, as well. They should also be here next week.

I finally got an e-mail from the vendor I bought my Boss-EFI system from, and its being shipped to me tomorrow. I guess I’ll have THAT next week as well.

Today I got the passenger side 4-into-4 header installed as well.

Its all little baby steps but progress is being made. When the fuel injection and gauges show up, I may look at taking a week off from work and just trying to make as much progress as possible on the car.

I will get pictures posted soon of these bits.