Some Site Updates

I’m going to write two quick posts tonight, first this one with some updates on this website and another with a quick update on work I’ve done on the car.

First things first, I’ve added a custom Google Search to the site. On the navigation bar in the right column, click “Search Factory Five Information”. This right now only indexes a few sites, but I’m adding them as I find good sources of FFR information.

I finally got the Gallery integration fixed from when I broke it a few months ago. As part of doing that, I also added PicLens support to the gallery. If you click down into the galleries themselves from the posts or via the “ Photos”, you should get the PicLens buttons if you have the browser plugin installed, or you can use the “Start PicLens Slideshow” link to use a Flash version. Its pretty slick. The plugin can be installed from the PicLens button on the right navigation column as well.

I added a Videos link as well to the navigation. That page has links to a couple YouTube videos and downloads for HD versions. Right now its just two videos from the Factory Five 2008 Open House. (A post about that is coming, too…)

Finally, the logo up top got changed. A guy on the FFCobra forums was doing these computer renderings for people. The one in the logo is a color combination I asked for a rendering of, and is at least in the same vein as what I’m thinking for my car right now.