Side pipes and Oxygen Sensors

Last week I opened up the side pipes and mounted the passenger pipe on the car so I could drill a hole for the oxygen sensor. I gave the pipe and the bung to a coworker who has a TIG welder and today I got the pipe back from him.

item 3857

item 3861

The photo quality isn’t so great — these photos were shot from my cell phone. The sensor fits and clears the chassis of the car with the pipe held up to the headers properly.

I’ve decided to use a chrome-like ceramic coating on them rather than true chrome. The cost is about the same, but the durability is higher and it’ll keep the pipes cooler. I have to do some cleanup on the (really bad) welds, as the Factory Five pipes are famous for being sloppily welded, but I should have them shipped off this week to get coated. This is a nice thing marked off my list of things to get done on the car.